Addressing and geocoding information for health providers

This section provides information for health providers wanting to access the eSAM services via their software applications.

The eSAM services have been integrated into most commonly used healthcare software applications. If you are unsure if the eSAM services have been integrated into the application you use, check with your vendor.

The eSAM services require a Connected Health connection.

If you would like to use the eSAM services then complete the Health Identity Address Service Access Request Form, available to download on the right hand side of this webpage, and send to Contact Centre, Ministry of Health, Private Bag 3015, Whanganui 4540, or email to [email protected].

After receipt of your application, we will authorise you and advise your HPI Organisation Id. The HPI Organisation Id will be used to authenticate and identify you when you use the services.

eSAM usage guidelines are available for download on the right hand side of this webpage

Once you are using the eSAM address services any questions on the validity of specific addresses or other issues should be sent to the contact centre at [email protected] or call them at 0800 505 125.

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