Drinking water resources

Download or order guides for developing water safety plans (formerly known as public health risk management plans), and other useful resources relating to drinking-water.

Annual Reports on Drinking-water Quality

Register of Recognised Laboratories and Drinking Water Suppliers for New Zealand

Information for small drinking-water supplies:

Water Safety Plans

Drinking-water Quality Management for New Zealand

Other useful drinking-water resources:

Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand 2005

Tankered drinking-water carriers

These forms are to help the tankered drinking-water carrier industry meet the requirements of the law in respect to supplying tankered drinking-water to the public.

In this section

  • These videos provide information on pathogens and pathways of drinking-water contamination, principles and methods of small drinking-water supply treatment, reticulation systems, sampling and monitoring, and how outbreaks can occur in drinking-water supplies. Read more
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