Drinking water resources

Download or order guides for developing water safety plans (formerly known as public health risk management plans), and other useful resources relating to drinking-water.

Annual Reports on Drinking-water Quality

Draft Annual Report on Drinking-Water Quality 2016-17

The draft report is being released because it was referred to during Stage 2 of the Inquiry into the Havelock North Drinking-Water Contamination Incident.

Please note that the report is not finalised and may change. For example the data are not yet validated and the content has not yet been assessed to ensure there is a nationally consistent approach to assessment of compliance against the legislation and the Drinking-water Standards.

ESR has provided a disclaimer to the draft report. This disclaimer notes that the assessments of compliance with s 69U (source protection) are currently being questioned by two water suppliers, therefore statistics associated with this duty may change. We are aware that other suppliers have recently queried their findings, so further results may be subject to change.  Disputed findings may also be the subject of further investigation by the Public Health Unit and water supplier.

Register of Recognised Laboratories and Drinking Water Suppliers for New Zealand

Information for small drinking-water supplies:

Water Safety Plans

Drinking-water Quality Management for New Zealand

Other useful drinking-water resources:

Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2008)

Drinking-water Carriers guidelines

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