Organochlorines Technical Advisory Group

The Ministry of Health has established an Organochlorines Technical Advisory Group.

It will provide high quality, scientific and technical advice on public health issues arising from exposures and effects of organochlorines (dioxins, PCP, PCBs and other organochlorines) in New Zealand including:

  • responding to public concern of exposure to organochlorines and the effects that exposure may have had or will have on their health
  • the quality and completeness of information on which decisions will be made and advice on how this might be enhanced
  • reports, research and policy advice relating to organochlorines prepared by or for government agencies, including the Ministry of Health
  • other technical, scientific and epidemiological matters in relation to organochlorines
  • improving the quality and completeness of information in respect of exposures and effects of organochlorines.

The advisory group includes scientists, a public health medicine specialist and epidemiologists.

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