Environmental health

This section provides information about a range of environmental health topics including dioxins, drinking water, foodborne illness and more.

In this section

  • Management of air quality in New Zealand is undertaken to protect communities and the environment from the adverse effects of air pollution. Read more
  • Climate change is already affecting our climate. It is likely to impact our agriculture and other climate-sensitive industries, our native ecosystems, infrastructure, health and biosecurity, as well as having broader social and economic impacts Read more
  • Information on the health effects of dioxins, guidance for health practitioners, and the health support services for dioxin-exposed people. Read more
  • This section of the Ministry’s website contains guidance and information on drinking-water in New Zealand, including the Ministry’s work and initiatives on drinking-water in New Zealand and issues that may affect public health adversely. Read more
  • This section describes the regulation of food in New Zealand and where to find food safety information. Read more
  • This information for health practitioners outlines the high-level aspects of the process of identifying medically dependent domestic electricity consumers. Read more
  • The Ministry provides advice to Government and the public on the health effects of non-ionising radiation. Read more
  • An overview of the legislation covering standards around sewage, and the role of district health boards. Read more
  • The Environmental Health Officers Qualifications Regulations 1993 (the Regulations) state that no person shall be appointed as an Environmental Health Officer unless they are qualified, ie hold the National Diploma in Environmental Health Science or a qualification accepted by the Director-General of Health as at least equivalent to it. Read more
  • This section provides information about high-power laser pointers. Read more
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