Prerequisites for volunteering with NZMAT

People interested in volunteering with the New Zealand Medical Assistance Team (NZMAT) must check that they meet the NZMAT selection requirements before applying.

Selection requirements

NZMAT team members will be carefully selected to ensure they meet all the requirements and have the appropriate skills, experience and temperament for the position.

Assessment for deployment is based on the applicant’s qualifications, experience, registration, licence to practise, and approval/clearance to practise at the response location.

An applicant’s character, reputation, trustworthiness and fitness (emotional and physical) are also important, to ensure they are suited for deployment and can add value to the work of the NZMAT and the overall emergency response in the affected area.

Volunteers who are not deployed may also be able to provide valuable assistance during a disaster by filling in at the workplace of members who are on deployment.

Referees nominated by the applicant should be able to comment on these aspects.

Code of conduct

NZMAT members are required to abide by the code of conduct while they are on deployment. Applicants should be aware of the code’s requirements before they register with NZMAT.

Employer’s acknowledgement

Applicants need to show that their employer is willing to support their deployment in principle, subject to the employer’s operational requirements at the time of an event. An Employer’s Acknowledgement Form (Word, 36 KB) is available for this purpose.

You may like to refer your employer to Information for employers of staff who wish to volunteer with NZMAT.

Register to volunteer

See Applying to volunteer for information on how to register.

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