About New Zealand Medical Assistance Team

The New Zealand Medical Assistance Team (NZMAT) is a civilian-based disaster medical assistance team. It includes clinical and allied staff such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, allied health professionals, and non-medical members such as logisticians.

NZMAT will provide medical assistance for disasters domestically and internationally within the south-west Pacific area.

The successful deployment of a NZMAT depends on the team members’ ability to work together and be flexible in their roles. Potential NZMAT staff face demanding selection criteria before being accepted. These include:

  • fitness
  • the ability to work within a team
  • appropriate professional skill sets
  • the ability to multi-task
  • willingness to deploy for a minimum of 1–2 weeks at short notice.

NZMAT was established relatively recently, and a number of new processes are still being implemented such as national databases and various protocols to ensure a coordinated response.

Counties Manukau is leading the development of logistic supply chain arrangements to support a deployed team.

Interested in volunteering? Find out how to register for NZMAT.

In this section

  • A review of the response to the request from the Samoan government for medical assistance after the 2009 tsunami revealed the need to establish a New Zealand Medical Assistance Team. Read more
  • Information on when a New Zealand Medical Assistance Team would be deployed and what happens during a deployment. Read more
  • Information on the New Zealand Medical Assistance Team Reference Group, its objectives, membership and terms of reference. Read more
  • A New Zealand Medical Assistance Team consists of several different modules, depending on what the situation requires. This page describes the different modules that may be deployed, and the make-up of the Initial Assessment Team. Read more
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