The Technology and Digital Services business unit oversees the Ministry’s eHealth work programme, which aims to achieve the strategic outcomes described in the New Zealand Health Strategy and Digital Health 2020.

eHealth initiatives and work programmes make the best use of innovation, research and emerging technology to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Digital Health Strategy

The Ministry of Health is developing a Digital Health Strategy and we are looking for your feedback to help shape this process.  The strategy will align with the New Zealand Health Strategy, which aims to create a people-powered, smart health system by 2025. It will also give life to the Vision for Health Technology, guiding investment in technologies across the health and disability sector.

The Vision for Health Technology outlines how we see technology shaping the way New Zealanders ‘live well, stay well and get well’ in 2027.  The Vision for Health Technology has been developed with engagement from more than 70 health professionals and consumers.  This is a ‘living’ Vision that will be refined and adapted over time in response to changing needs and emerging technology, as well as feedback from stakeholders.

The NZ Digital Health Strategy describes a digital eco-system that creates the conditions that support delivery of the Health Technology Vision (“the vision”) and the NZ Health Strategy.  It consists of aspirational goals and enabling strategies, priorities, frameworks, guidelines and resources that will evolve and change over time in response to the changing digital world that New Zealanders we live in.

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Other eHealth initiatives

Strategic initiatives to use technology to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Digital health standards and governance

Health information standards, common technologies, secure IT systems and environments and information governance all support the delivery of Digital Health 2020.

Health IT investments

The Ministry is responsible for reviewing health IT investment decisions.

Vision for Health Technology

Health Technology Themes

Find out more about the Vision for Health Technology Themes.

Technology in health

Transforming technology

Check out how technology will transform the health system in this presentation from our Chief Technology & Digital Services Officer at a recent symposium.  Find out more.

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