Withdrawn standards

This page lists the previously published standards that are now withdrawn and no longer have effect.

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HISO has deemed that these standards are no longer fit-for-purpose. They are understood not to be in general use within the health and disability sector. Accordingly they are withdrawn from publication with immediate effect and are now not available on the Ministry website.

Withdrawn HISO standards
10014.1 Data Concept Repository Processes Standard
  • No comments.
10030.2 Electronic Pharmaceutical Messaging Standard
  • The actual implementation of messaging in the NZePS is based on HL7 CDA and varies significantly from this HL7 v2-based standard.
  • HISO endorsement for the NZePS messaging specification is being considered.
10038.2 Interim National Cancer Core Data Messaging Standard and Implementation Guide
  • This standard has not been implemented. We would recommend a different approach today.
SNZ 8170:2005
(HISO 10007)
Specifications for Primary Health Care Practice Management Systems
  • Contact has been made with Standards NZ. Action to formally withdraw this standard from publication has commenced.
  • Relevant alternative standards include those related to interoperability, SNOMED and medications.
SNZ HB 8169:2002 Health Network Code of Practice
  • Contact has been made with Standards NZ. Action to formally withdraw this standard from publication has commenced.
  • This is effectively replaced by various other HISO standards, eg: HISO 10037 Connected Health (three sub standards) , HISO 10049 Videoconferencing Standard, HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Security Framework.

For more information

Any queries or comments related to the above standards or any interest in participating in the development of alternatives should be forwarded direct to standards@health.govt.nz

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