Standards development and maintenance

Health information standards support the National Health IT Plan. The standards are developed with a coordinated, consistent approach, following five stages.

HISO: Health Information Standards Organisation logo.

  • Stage 1: Identify, Propose and Plan
  • Stage 2: Develop and Evaluate
  • Stage 3: Consult
  • Stage 4: Approve and Implement
  • Stage 5: Review and Maintain

This ensures secure and safe sharing of health information, encourages a common language which allows consistency of data recording to improve patient safety and supports interoperability.

The Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) brand provides valuable recognition and credibility across the health and disability sector.

Early engagement with the HISO office is encouraged in the initial stages of a project. Doing so may save a project/proposer time and avoid duplication of effort.

Standards Processes booklet

The HISO office has produced a booklet providing an overview of the process for the development, review and maintenance of HISO Standards:

Below are the links to maps or forms mentioned in the booklet:

Contact HISO

If you are looking to develop a standard, or simply require more information, please contact the HISO Office on

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