Contained standards

This page lists the published standards that are now contained to present purposes and are no longer required for new solutions.

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Standards that are ‘Contained’ are available for use only under the following limited conditions:

The standards are:

  • available for use only in existing systems
  • not available for new developments or where a major change/upgrade to an existing system occurs.
Contained standards
10011.1 Referral, Status and Discharge – Business Process
  • The RSD standard suite is no longer available for new solutions. There are however, some existing implementations that need continued support via this standard.
10011.2 Referral, Status and Discharge – Messaging Standard
10011.3 Referral, Status and Discharge – Implementation Guide
10011.4 eDischarge Messaging Standard
10030.1 Electronic Pharmaceutical Business Process Standard
  • The business process part of this standard remains relevant to the NZePS built solution
10040.0 Health Information Exchange Overview and Glossary
  • HIE architecture continues to have some relevance, eg record locator service, but needs to be updated to reflect API, EHR and other new directions. HISO intends to undertake a review of the 10040 suite of standards in 2018
  • Note: HISO 10040.4 is retained as a current standard and is intended to be updated in 2018.  If you have an interest in being considered for a participating role in this activity, please contact HISO at the email address below
10040.1 Health Information Exchange Clinical Data Repository Utility Services
10040.2 Health Information Exchange Content Model
10040.3 Health Information Exchange Structured Documents
10041.1 Clinical Document Architecture Templates for Medications, Allergies and Adverse Reactions
  • The CDA standard now no longer recommended for discharge summaries.
10043 Clinical Document Architecture Common templates
  • Minor changes/ enhancements should continue to use the CDA model. New solutions and major changes should use FHIR when the necessary artefacts exist or can reasonably be developed under the protocol agreed between HISO and HL7 NZ.

Under consideration

Based on comment received, HISO is giving further consideration to placing the following standard in containment.  A decision will be advised in due course.

Under consideration
(Being re-considered)
10014.2 Online Forms Architecture Technical Specification
  • No comments.
NZS 8153:2002 Health Records
  • No comments.

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