Approved standards

Health Information Standards Organisation standards are open, non-proprietary standards. They may be downloaded and used from this website free of charge.

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Published standards should be considered living documents. If the documents are no longer fit for purpose, we need to know so that appropriate changes can be made.

Please advise us of any errors or omissions by email to, using the change request form (Word, 46 KB) where necessary.

The approved standards

HISO 10001:2017 Ethnicity Data Protocols

HISO 10003 ISO/IEC 11179 Information Technology – Metadata registries

HISO 10004:2017 New Zealand Pathology Observation Code Sets

HISO 10005:2008 Health Practitioner Index (HPI) Data Set

HISO 10006:2008 Health Practitioner Index (HPI) Code Set

HISO 10008: Pathology and Radiology Implementation Guide and Messaging Standard

HISO 10013:2015 HL7 Standards Endorsement

HISO 10014: Online Forms Standard (Under consideration - Feb 2018)

HISO 10019 ICD-10-AM and ICD-O

HISO 10023: Mental Health Data Standards

HISO 10024.1:2018 New Zealand Universal List of Medicines and New Zealand Formulary

HISO 10024.2:2017 Medical Device Terminology and Identification Standards

HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Security Framework


HISO 10037: Connected Health

HISO 10038: Cancer Data Standards

HISO 10039: National Specialist Palliative Care Data Standard

HISO 10040: Health Information Exchange Standard

HISO 10042: Medication Charting and Medicine Reconciliation Standards

  • HISO 10042.1 Medication Charting Standard
  • HISO 10042.2 Medicine Reconciliation Standard

HISO 10046 Consumer Health Identity Standard

HISO 10047:2013 Clinical Document Architecture Templates for Comprehensive Clinical Assessments 

HISO 10049: Videoconferencing Standard

HISO 10050.1:2016 Maternity Care Summary Standard (Booking Information)

HISO 10052:2015 Ambulance Care Summary Standard

HISO 10063 GS1 standards

HISO 10064:2017 Health Information Governance Guidelines

HISO 10065:2018 Allied Health Data Standard

HISO 10068:2017 Iwi Statistical Standard

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