Health and wellness data

The Ministry is taking steps to increase the value of data and information assets for health and social investments, including national collections, and to improve information governance to support the sharing of health information.

An IT infrastructure is being developed so data can be securely shared between social sector government agencies and some non-government organisations.

A Data and Information Governance group within the Ministry is providing strategic leadership of the Ministry’s work programme for improving data and information sharing, use and re-use.

The governance group has appointed a working group to support and advise it and a programme of work is being defined. A review of the draft Health Information Governance Framework has begun and an organisation has been commissioned to complete an information asset stocktake.

Current related components of work:

  • National patient flow will provide information on patients referred for specialist services, the outcome of referrals and the time it takes patients to access care
  • Data exchange platform: Provision of the IT infrastructure, frameworks and tools to enable the secure sharing of data between social sector government agencies and some non-government organisations to support evidence-based decisions on social services
  • Integrated data infrastructure (IDI): The Ministry of Health, with other Government agencies, is contributing data to the IDI. The IDI is operated by Statistics New Zealand to provide information to help address complex social issues.
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