Resources on eating and activity for the public

Resources titled ‘Healthy Eating, Active Living’ and ‘Eat Healthy Food and Move More Every Day’ were released alongside the first edition of the Guidelines document for New Zealand adults. These resources contain information for the public about healthy eating and being physically active.

Population-specific resources

Resources for other specific population groups remain available with useful current information.

Babies and toddlers

Children and young people

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Older people

Developing new resources

New resources are being developed to replace the existing resources Eating for Healthy Pregnant Women and Eating for Healthy Breastfeeding Women. Over time the Ministry will update its health education resources for all population groups to reflect the new serving size advice.

Other resources

We have more information on Nutrition and Physical activity in our Your health section.

Resources for the public from other organisations are available via our Useful links page.

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