Cancer initiatives

Initiatives to improve cancer services in New Zealand.

In this section

  • The Faster Cancer Treatment programme takes a whole of service approach to improving the quality and timeliness of care for patients including standardising care pathways. Read more
  • This initiative aims to improve access to psychological and social support services for adults with cancer. Read more
  • Faster cancer treatment indicators require district health boards to collect standardised information on patients who have been referred urgently with a high suspicion of cancer. Read more
  • The regional cancer networks work with district health boards to facilitate and coordinate services across health providers at all levels. Read more
  • Tumour standards describe the level of service a person with cancer should have access to, and enable unwarranted variation in care to be identified and addressed. The Ministry of Health is working alongside the sector to replace the provisional tumour standards with a new Standard of care for people affected by cancer. Read more
  • The Ministry set up a dedicated fund in 2014 for projects aimed at improving the quality of care for particular groups of cancer patients and supporting specific developments in cancer care. Read more
  • Cancer data and intelligence (what the data tells us) is critical to improving cancer outcomes. The Cancer Health Information Strategy sets the direction for the sector over the next five years . Read more
  • The Radiation Oncology Collection is a central repository of detailed radiation oncology information. The purpose of the collection is to inform linear accelerator capacity planning, support fairer access to radiotherapy, and drive more cost-effective treatment. Read more
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