Long-term conditions: work programme

Information about what the long-term conditions (LTC) programme aims to achieve.

LTC work programme

The Ministry Long-Term Conditions Programme provides support to the Ministry, Health Sector and NGOs by:

1. Providing leadership

Enables knowledge sharing for LTC management across all DHBs:

Facilitates guidance development supporting best practice across DHBs:

  • patient co-design establishment and use of patient panel
  • chronic kidney disease management, diabetes quality standards and toolkit
  • health app quality assessment framework. Read more about the health applications assessment guidance.

Enables sharing across LTC work programmes in Ministry.

2. Evaluating progress

  • Sets expectations for LTC management within DHB annual plans and reviews quarterly LTC management progress across DHB annual plans:
    • developing relationships with DHBs around LTC.
  • Evaluates new initiatives aimed at LTC management improvement.

3. Supporting innovation and service improvement

  • Supports development of information and resources, where necessary, to fill gaps in LTC management:
  • Supports testing and service development knowledge sharing for implementing new LTC models of care and clinical pathways:

4. Providing tailored support where required

  • Change management support:
    • development of Diabetes Care Improvement Plans.

5. Programme measurement/assessment

  • Programme measurement and assessment can be reviewed and measured against:
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