National hepatitis C campaign

The Ministry has been working in partnership with the Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand and the Health Promotion Agency on a national hepatitis C campaign.

The ‘Get Hep C Tested’ campaign started on 25 February and will run for about 3 months using radio, online and social media channels.

The campaign is focused on the more than 20,000 people in New Zealand who do not know they have hepatitis C. This is people who have typically been living with hepatitis C for some time and are likely to experience severe symptoms and risk developing serious liver damage if they don't seek treatment soon. With new and easier treatment, hepatitis C can be cured.

People can get hepatitis C many ways, like getting tattooed, but the most common is from sharing needles. The campaign call to action is to encourage people to contact their GP to get tested.

Refer to the Health Promotion Agency website for more information about the 'Get Hep C Tested' campaign. The campaign includes copies of the freely available resources such as video clips, radio advertisements, online banners and downloadable posters.

Hep C campaign poster

Hep Cure Campaign

Dapaanz - The Drug and Alcohol Practitioners’ Association Aotearoa-New Zealand has launched a Hep Cure Campaign. The campaign features a series of brief stories presented as short video clips focusing on consumers contemplating and living their lives cured and hep C free. It also includes a professional opinion from the Greenlane Liver Transplant Unit.

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