Pre-diabetes and self-management of long term conditions

Advice on pre-diabetes for health providers, plus a summary of findings and implementation advice based on pre-diabetes and self-management pilot projects.

Pre-diabetes advice

Pre-diabetes: Risk factor management (Word, 73 KB) provides evidence-based advice for health providers on risk factor management for pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes and self-management pilot projects

The Ministry contracted providers including PHOs and sports trusts to deliver a small number of pilot projects on pre-diabetes and self-management approaches.

The pre-diabetes pilot projects looked at the effects of lifestyle interventions on health outcomes such as HbA1c and body weight in people with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. The lifestyle interventions included physical activity, nutrition education and psychology support.

In the self-management pilot projects, new models of care that aimed to empower people with a long-term condition to self-manage their condition were examined. The models of care included self-management education programmes, patient-centred care plans and dedicated support from health care professionals.

Implementing Self-Management and Shared Care Projects: Summary of findings and implementation advice (Word, 120 KB) provides an overview of the pilot projects and the potential barriers and facilitators to implementation of such programmes. This is intended to provide an overview of findings from the pilot projects only, and is not a full academic review.

The Implementation Checklist for Self-Management and Shared Care Programmes (Word, 30 KB) provides a checklist of considerations for implementing programmes that aim to prevent the progression of pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes, and help people with a long-term condition to self-manage their condition.

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