COVID-19: Vaccination confirmation privacy statement

When you request proof of COVID-19 vaccination for overseas travel you’ll need to provide some personal information to the Ministry of Health so we can be confident of your identity and so we can find the correct vaccination records for you.

Last updated: 5 August 2021

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What information we’ll ask for

Your COVID-19 immunisation records are held in the COVID Immunisation Register (CIR). In order to provide this information to you, we need you to provide us with sufficient information that we are satisfied of your identity (that it is you making the request) and also to help us find the correct details for you.

It is an offence under section 212 of the Privacy Act 2020 to mislead an agency by impersonating an individual or falsely pretending to be an individual or acting under the authority of an individual for the purpose of obtaining access to that individual’s personal information.

The information required is as follows:


Mandatory or optional

Why we collect this from you

First name and last name (middle name optional)


Used to:

  • tell us who you are
  • match you to your NHI number
  • identify the correct vaccination records for you

Date of Birth


Used to:

  • match you to your NHI number
  • identify the correct vaccination records for you



Used to:

  • send your vaccination record back to you
  • communicate with you

Date of departure from New Zealand


So we can identify your date of travel in order to prioritise your information request

First vaccination date


Used to:

  • check it is you making the request
  • confirm we have the right vaccination record for you

Your contact phone number


So we can contact you if we have any queries

Your NHI number


Used to compare to our NHI record for matching

If you are completing the form on behalf of someone else, you’ll need them to confirm you have their consent to do so (or otherwise show you are properly authorised to obtain that other person’s information).

Keeping your information safe

Your personal information will be held and managed by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and Health Information Privacy Code 2020.

Your information will be stored in the Ministry of Health’s Dataverse application in Microsoft’s data centre, hosted in Australia. Secure measures are in place to protect your information from unauthorised access.

Who can see and access your information

We will share your information only with Ministry of Health staff who are involved in the administration of providing vaccination information.

Access to your information is limited to authorised users at the Ministry of Health. This access is recorded and can be audited. The personal information and contact details you provide will not be shared with other government agencies.

After you submit your information

The Privacy Act 2020 regulates us through the Information Privacy Principles as to how we collect, use, hold, disclose, access, correct, manage, and dispose of your personal information.

We will use the information you submit to:

  • locate your vaccination records
  • contact you
  • process the response to your request.

The information collected as part of this process may be used for statistical analysis and help to identify ways in which we can improve our services. Any information used in this way will not identify you personally.

If we need to use your contact information for other purposes, we will have this reviewed by the Chief Privacy Officer at the Ministry of Health and discuss it with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to make sure your privacy interests are fully considered.

Contact us

If you have concerns about your privacy, email [email protected].

If you are not satisfied with our response to any privacy concerns, you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

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