Guidance at Alert Level 2 for Aged care providers

Alert Level 2 guidelines for providers of aged care services and aged residential care facilities.

Last updated: 7 October 2020

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At Alert Level 2 the following services are available:

  • Planned and urgent respite care within aged residential care. A COVID-19 risk assessment must be undertaken before admission of residents, including respite clients.
  • Home and community support services, including personal cares (eg, showering and feeding), and home help (eg, cleaning). Infection prevention and control measures must be adhered to,
  • All equipment, housing and vehicle modifications can still go ahead if they can be done so safely (physical distancing of 1 metre, good hand hygiene and cough/sneeze etiquette, good record-keeping to support contact tracing).
  • Hearing and vision services (including NZ Sign Language interpreters) and rehabilitation therapies is available if done safely.
  • Day programmes, health promotion activities and other community supports if done safely and following limits and rules for the gathering of people. Providers are still encouraged to provide services virtually, or in different ways if possible. Aged residential care day programmes remain closed. Transport to day services (via providers) will need to adhere to COVID-19 risk screening and public health measures.

Restrictions on ARC facilities

ARC facilities can operate at Alert Level 2 unless advised otherwise by the local Medical Officer of Health. Alert Level 2 allows greater scope for whânau and family visits, and the lifting of restrictions of staff movements across and within facilities. 

Where ARC staff are employed across multiple sites/roles, there must be plans in place where staff follow basic hygiene measures, PPE guidance and standard IPC precautions to reduce the risk of transmissions between settings.

Alert Level 2 guidance for aged residential care facilities

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