Disability community residential care services: Red

Find out about service planning and delivery, visiting and moving of disability residents while regions are at Red of the Covid-19 Protection Framework.

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What Red means

At the Red setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, action is needed to protect the health system which is facing an unsustainable number of hospitalisations. Action is needed to protect at-risk populations.

Service planning and delivery

While regions are at Red disability residential community providers:

  • will operate while following public health measures
  • must minimise staff movement between residential houses so staff are in physical contact with a minimum number of people to prevent infection from spreading.

A My Vaccine Pass is not required for access to services or support held in businesses or community venues (for example, libraries, church halls) that might usually require a My Vaccine Pass to be sighted.

Visiting a home at Red 

While regions are at Red visitors should be limited. Disability residential community providers:

  • must log all visitors for contact tracing
  • must restrict movement of visitors within the home to minimise contact with other residents and staff
  • must minimise contact between visitors and other residents and staff
  • should ensure a maximum number of visits per day can be established on a case by case basis
  • must not allow visitors into the house who are sick, have been ill recently, have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, are waiting a COVID-19 test result or are under self-isolation instructions from Public Health
  • should consider people’s additional vulnerabilities (including underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19) when making decisions about visits
  • must ensure face coverings are worn, unless an exemption is in place.

Visitors may be asked for evidence of vaccination status. If they are not vaccinated a negative COVID-19 test 48 to 72 hours before their visits may be required.

Moving residents

While regions are at Red people can move following a risk assessment and screening. Risk assessment is required to understand the environment the person is going to and from, and any additional risks arising from that. 

Additional infection prevention and control and public health measures should be considered to manage the risk of transmission during moves (particularly if the person is moving from the community into services).

Additional infection prevention and control and public health measures should be considered with regular planned movements between family homes and residential services. People should be supported to have time with family and friends as much as possible but also safely.

Appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

The Ministry is continually reviewing its advice and guidance on PPE as local issues emerge and as understanding from international experience grows. 

Information about face coverings (including exemptions) is on the Unite against COVID-19 website.

More information

The Disability Directorate will provide additional information and advice for the disability sector as needed. Please email [email protected].

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