COVID-19 Alert Levels update
From 6 am on 28 February Auckland will move to Alert Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Alert Level 2.
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Managed Isolation Facilities – new interim measures

There are new interim measures for guests and staff at Managed Isolation Facilities.

Last updated: 1 February 2021

The following are are new MIF interim measures as the review continues on the emerging evidence around new variants and how the transmission occurred in the Pullman Managed Isolation Facility. 

During the stay in managed isolation

  • From 12 noon 30 January 2021, once guests in managed isolation have had their 11/12 day test, they are required to stay in their rooms until they get a negative test result and are advised they can depart the facility. This means they are required not to leave their room to take exercise or smoking breaks.
  • Mental health and support services will continue to support returnees in their rooms.

Following departure from the Pullman managed isolation facility

  • Guests remain able to depart the Pullman Managed Isolation Facility. Guests can use public transport to get home wearing a mask.
  • From 28 January 2021, guests departing managed isolation at the Pullman are being asked to have a day 5 post-departure test and stay at home until the day 5 negative test result is returned.
  • From 29 January 2021, guests departing managed isolation at the Pullman will be contacted by phone daily to check in and provide a reminder about the day 5 test requirement.
  • Any guests who become symptomatic following their departure need to self-isolate stay at home away from others in the household and get an additional test.
  • When leaving the facility, or their home to have a test, guests are being asked to wear a mask.

Staff working at Pullman Managed Isolation Facility

  • As an interim measure, until 14 February 2021, or otherwise advised, staff working in managed isolation at the Pullman are being asked to undergo twice weekly testing.
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