COVID-19 Vaccination uptake rates within Pacific communities across NZ

Data on this page is as 11:59pm on 12 October 2021. This data will be updated weekly in line with other COVID-19 vaccine data.

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This page provides information related to uptake rates of the COVID-19 vaccine within Pacific communities across New Zealand. Maps and data are provided below showing vaccination records aggregated by area of residence. The areas have been determined based on the standard SA2 definition from Statistics NZ.

Population (denominator data) and ethnicity data is based on the Health Service User data set, and is sourced from NHI records held by the Ministry of Health. For the purposes of these maps, the denominator data set has been updated with the most up to date place of residence and as a result will differ slightly from the published HSU at disaggregated levels.

Dose 1 vaccination uptake per 1,000 Pacific residents, by SA2 area

Vaccination uptake per 1000

Notes regarding the data:

  • Unless stated otherwise, definitions used in this data are as set out on the COVID-19: Vaccine Data page
  • Results have been suppressed in line with standard privacy procedures
  • Some areas have vaccination counts that are higher than the anticipated population count due to population movements
  • Records that are unable to be matched to SA2 location details are not shown on the maps and are listed as “Unknown” in the data file
  • Supporting data for the downloads below is available on our COVID-19 Vaccination uptake rates across NZ page.
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