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This section provides information about the cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment tool, its Terms of Use, and its Privacy Statement.

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Background to the tool

The Ministry of Health provides a national standard Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Assessment (CVDRA) Service which is accessible to primary and community care providers, and the public. The Service generates the risk (expressed as a percentage) of a person (aged between 30 to 74 years, without prior CVD) having a serious cardiovascular event in the next five years. 

The Service, when used in a primary or community care setting, enables healthcare providers to assess the CVD risk of their patients. This enables shared care planning and risk management conversations to take place between a patient and their healthcare providers (typically their GP or practice nurse).

The Ministry purchased the Service in March 2021 and continues to develop and improve its functionality. DataCraft Analytics maintains and operates the Service on behalf of the Ministry.

How the Service works

The Service was developed based on algorithms specific to the New Zealand population. The algorithms were published in 2018 by the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland. The Service complies with the Ministry of Health 2018 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment and Management for Primary Care and the Ministry of Health 2019 HISO 10071:2019 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Data Standard

Working with providers/integrators

The Service is currently used by GPs, nurses, and other primary healthcare providers to deliver CVD risk assessment and inform appropriate risk management. The Ministry provides the Service free of charge to integrators in a form of an application programming interface (API). Integrators operate a system which integrates with the API and appropriate practice management system to provide a user interface for end-users including GPs, nurses, other healthcare providers, and the public. Integrators include PHOs, health IT service providers and other health organisations. The Ministry is working with various integrators across the health sector to accelerate the roll-out of this Service.

Adoption of the Service is voluntary, however, the Ministry encourages this to improve the accuracy and consistency of risk assessments and risk management. Use of a Ministry endorsed service also enables health providers to issue standardised clinical advice and support, which enhances consistency of care for health consumers.

Contact us

If you are a health provider and are interested to access the Service or want to know more about the technical aspects of it, contact our Integration Team at i[email protected]

For enquiries regarding the clinical aspect of the Service, contact our Long Term Conditions Team at [email protected]

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use is a legal agreement between the Ministry of Health (the Service provider) and an integrator who consumes the Service. Integrators are those who own and operate the systems integrating with the API. Integrators include PHOs, health IT service providers and other health organisations.

The Terms of Use contains the rules and guidelines integrators must agree and follow to use and access the Service. General purposes include preventing abuse, clarifying content ownership, intellectual property, service availability, service termination, limitation, liability, and New Zealand governing law.

Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement provides transparency on the Ministry’s collection, use and disclosure of information gathered through the CVDRA Service.

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