Regular checks pay off

Regular cardiovascular checks have become even more important for Nigel Clephane since January 2014 when he had a heart attack and cardiac stents inserted.

Nigel Clephane has a check-up with nurse Laura Baigent.

‘I really appreciate the checks that I’m getting now because it helps me know whether I’m on the right track,’ he says. 

Settlers Health nurse Laura Baigent says the general practice team is keeping a close eye on Nigel since his heart attack and that will include putting him on a 6-monthly recall for his blood pressure to be taken, a PSA test to be done and kidney function to be tested.

Nigel is also pre-diabetic but is working to tip the balance in his favour by reducing his intake of sugar and fats and getting more exercise. He says Laura has given him ‘heaps of information about exercise and food’.

‘I do quite heavy work and move about all day but I’m getting back into swimming now that I’m able to do more exercise.’

Laura says that knowing he will have regular cardiovascular checks is reassuring for Nigel and supports him in looking after his own health.  

‘He’s very honest with himself and us, which makes him a pleasure to work with,’ she says.

This story is part of Canterbury finds better ways to care for diabetes patients.

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