Auckland DHB – staff assessments for cardiovascular disease

These stories show how Auckland District Health Board has been helping improve the health of its staff by providing free heart and diabetes checks.

A cardiovascular assessment model worth following

Auckland District Health Board has run free heart and diabetes check clinics for eligible staff, to demonstrate that it means business when it comes to a gold standard in cardiovascular health checks. Read more

‘Understanding how our lifestyles and genetics affect our own risk of disease can be a powerful motivator for change.’

Staff talk about their assessments

Sione Feki

Sione Feki’s major goal in life is to be around to see his grandchildren grow up. He never met 3 of his grandparents who died prematurely. Yet it wasn’t until he had a cardiovascular disease assessment in 2012 that Sione realised how close he was to becoming another family statistic. Read more

‘... we had a half-hour appointment, which was great because they didn’t just do the tests and push me out.’

Patrick Mendes

A cardiac arrest in 2010 awakened Patrick Mendes to the importance of regular CVD checks. A fit, apparently healthy, 45-year-old, he was shocked to wake up in a hospital bed having nearly died from a heart attack. Read more

‘‘The more eyes there are watching over my health and progress, the better for my oranga.’

Mike Elliott

A great believer in walking the talk, Sport Auckland Chief Executive Mike Elliott signed up for a CVD assessment with Auckland DHB. Read more

‘It was a painless way to get answers and make life-changing decisions.’

Mona Kauvai

Fear of failure was the main reason why 51-year-old Mona Kauvai didn’t sign up to the first free CVD assessment check offered. But when organiser Carolyn Jones later came to the café asking if any staff would be interested in attending, Mona changed her mind. Read more

‘It made a difference that all our staff could go and that Carolyn had been supportive and personally asked us to do it.’

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