Cancer Quality Performance Indicator Programme

Quality performance indicators (QPIs) are used to drive quality improvement and deliver better outcomes for people diagnosed with cancer.

QPIs are selected by an expert cancer working group with consumer representation and a range of clinical experts involved in providing patient care.

We consider a range of criteria when selecting appropriate QPIs, including the following.

  • Can the indicator be measured with data in a national collection?
  • Is there sound evidence and a clear rationale that this indicator can drive quality improvement?
  • Does this indicator address an area of clinical importance that could significantly impact on the quality and outcome of care delivered for people diagnosed with cancer?
  • Will this indicator support our goal of achieving Māori health gain and equity?

We provide an opportunity for service provider organisations and specialist colleges to review and provide feedback on the proposed indicators and descriptions.

For more information about QPIs please contact us at [email protected].

Indicator selection

QPIs have been identified for bowel, prostate and lung cancer.

See Bowel Cancer Quality Performance Indicators: Descriptions 2019 for the bowel cancer QPI descriptions. The descriptions identify which indicators we can measure from current national data collections.

The consultation documents for prostate and lung cancer QPIs were released on our consultation hub.

Work is under way to assess the measurability and calculate these indicators.

Indicator results

QPIs have been measured for bowel cancer using data in the Ministry of Health’s National Collections. See the Bowel Cancer Quality Improvement Report 2019.

Analysts who want to replicate our methods can consult the Bowel Cancer Quality Performance Indicator Specifications.

Cancer Care Data Explorer

The Cancer Care Data Explorer is primarily a tool for service providers and clinicians to explore their quality performance indicator results.

The Explorer presents the results from the Bowel Cancer Quality Improvement Report 2019 in an interactive dashboard. The results are presented for adults diagnosed with bowel cancer from 2013 to 2016 receiving publicly funded treatment.

Results are available by district health board, gender, age group, ethnic group and neighbourhood deprivation.

If you have any queries please email [email protected].

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