Cancer health information strategy

High quality cancer intelligence is critical to improving cancer outcomes.

In 2013 the Ministry published the Cancer Health Information Strategy (CHIS) that sets the direction for the sector for the next five years.

Programme focus areas

Planners, providers and clinicians need good information to make good decisions about cancer services. We already have some of the resources to collect, analyse and publish this information, including countrywide cancer registration, and we are developing service quality and capacity data such as the Bowel Cancer Quality Performance Indicators.

The CHIS programme currently focuses on the following areas:

  • Improving data quality and accessibility of cancer-related data at a national level. Key projects include:
    • developing quality performance indicators for different tumour streams and generic standards of care
    • developing a systemic anti-cancer therapy dataset to provide chemotherapy service data
    • improving the collection of cancer stage and patient data
    • completing work on minimum clinical datasets for cancer multidisciplinary meetings (MDMs).
  • Interpreting, analysing, processing and generating useful products that provide actionable insights . Key focus areas currently include:
    • using the national radiation oncology collection to identify and address unwarranted variation
    • publishing the results of the bowel cancer quality performance indicators.

Cancer related data and reports directory

We have developed a directory of cancer reports and data to support the sector. Included in the directory is :

  • publicly reported national and international data relating to cancer
  • information on how to access the data directly from organisations
  • related information standards to help the sector develop their data.

We will develop a 3-5 year roadmap for the CHIS programme alongside the current national cancer plan.

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