COVID-19 Care in the Community Fund to support communications and care packages for disabled people

Specific funding has been set aside to provide communications support and care packages for disabled people as part of the Care in the Community (CitC) programme.

A total pool of $2 million has been made available for these purposes and applications are being invited for grants of up to $50,000.

About this form

This form enables eligible providers and community organisations to make an application to access grants of up to $50,000 for one, or both of the following packages:

  1. Support to assist disabled people who test positive for COVID-19 (or their carer or household contact) through the CitC pathway.
  2. Support for the provision of pre-isolation care packages for disabled people, funded via disability-focussed organisations and disability providers.

This application form is only to be completed by authorised staff of, or on behalf of, your Provider organisation.

This application form asks you to complete a small number of questions about your proposed idea that will help the panel confirm which initiatives to fund, at what level and value. It is important to note that there is no guarantee your application will be successful.

Completing this form

Please complete all sections fully and accurately. We’ve added additional guidance notes in brackets and italics on the form.

Before you apply

Before submitting an application, please ensure that all the following conditions are met.

  1. Applicants must be a Disabled Persons Organisation entity, a Disabled Persons Health provider and/or other legal entity associated with enabling supports for disabled people.
  2. No other funding supports the proposed initiative.
  3. The applicant would need to confirm (and, if requested, demonstrate) that they have deep connections to a disability community and an obvious current presence in the sector.
  4. The proposal would help meet a specific disability information need and/or pre-isolation care package support appropriate for CitC.
  5. The proposal would need to specify how people would be identified to receive a pre-isolation care package using standard disability criteria – e.g. people with a physical, intellectual, age-related, or sensory disability that is likely to continue for at least six months, and limits the person’s ability to function independently, to the extent that ongoing support is required.

Additional criteria – proposals need to meet at least two of these

  • The proposal would help reach a specific audience who would not otherwise have accessed the wider population information.
  • The proposal supports approaches to further engage this community.
  • The proposal includes a mechanism or resource for providing feedback/sentiment analysis to the Care in the Community programme for continuous improvement.

Reporting requirements

If an application is successful, the information supplied as part of the application will form the basis of the funding agreement between the parties. The application will ask for the plan and timeline showing what will be done by when. A report back will be requested depending on the proposed timeline.


The purpose of the Disabled Peoples Communications and Care Package Fund (the Fund) is to assist groups to provide tailored regional and local Disabled Peoples communication and support responses for Disabled People, and/or their carers, family or whānau as part of Care in the Community (CitC).

There are a range of communication collaterals in various formats, and several assisted channels in place. However, it can be difficult to navigate through this content. Part of this fund aims to support disability organisations and disability providers to assist disabled people who test positive for COVID-19 (or their carer or household contact) through the CitC pathways.

The second part of the fund seeks to allocate funding to enable disability organisations and providers to provide pre-isolation care packages for disabled people and whānau. It is envisaged that organisations and providers will use the standard disability criteria to identify eligible people in their community who would benefit from a pre-isolation care package.

The application would need to specify how identification and allocation of care packages would take place.

Disabled people are over-represented in low-income populations, and engagement with the sector has identified that stocking up on food and essentials to prepare for an Omicron infection can be an area of need. The funding is intended to help remove obstacles, and barriers to access, for this priority population group, and to get input from the sector to direct resources in meaningful ways.

Submitting your application

All completed application forms must be submitted in electronic form via e-mail to: [email protected]

Next steps

Applications for funding must be submitted on or before 5 pm, Sunday 26 June 2022. Applications will be assessed for eligibility, as well as how well the initiative meets the evaluation criteria. We will endeavour to assess your application and a decision on funding within 14 working days following the closing date of 15 June 2022. We may take longer to assess your application where there is incomplete information or additional information and/or reference checks are required. If that happens, we will be in contact regarding your application and we will notify you of any delay in assessing your application.

Questions can be emailed to [email protected]

Assessment process

A funding panel consisting of relevant Ministry of Health staff. The panel to provide recommendations to the Health System Preparedness Programme Steering Group.


Key dates

Applications open

25 May 2022

Deadline for applications

5pm Sunday 26 June 2022

Evaluation panel considers and applications shortlisted

From 16 June 2022

  • Evaluation complete
12pm Thursday 30 June 2022
  • Agreement process underway

30 June 2022

Meetings scheduled with shortlisted applicants as required

1 June 2022 to 30 June 2022

Unsuccessful Respondents notified of outcome

1-30 June 2022

Contractual negotiations concluded

8 July 2022

Contracts ready for signing

15 July 2022

Expected contract start date

20 July 2022

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