Reporting of critical incidents and death in service

Disability providers need to report all critical incidents to the Ministry of Health as soon as practical within 24 hours.

Use this form to report incidents:

Send your completed form to [email protected].

If your service and the incident site are certified by HealthCert (ie, has 5 or more beds), send it to [email protected] as well.

What counts as a critical incident?

A critical incident is any sudden and/or unusual event which could:

  • be life threatening for the client or others
  • be dangerous, with the client at risk of grave harm
  • have significant consequences like the client being involved in criminal activity, absconding, or requiring emergency services or hospitalisation.

If in doubt, please report to us – over reporting is better than under reporting.

Death notifications in community residential services

Disability providers delivering community residential services (including services under the ID(CC&R) Act) need to report death of a service user to the Ministry of Health as soon as practical within 48 hours. The form below should be completed and emailed to [email protected].

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