Using the Equipment and Modification Services Prioritisation Tool

Logging in

Your username is your EMS Assessor Code (please do not append with ‘.moh’). If you cannot remember your password, please click on the appropriate link above to take you to the login screen and click ‘Forgot your Password’.

Please note that in addition to these login details, you are required to have completed the online training at LearnOnline. Completion of this training will send automatic notification to the prioritisation tool. The login details for the prioritisation tool will not work for online training. You should create your own online training login when you are ready to start your training.

If you experience any difficulty accessing the prioritisation tool, please contact your local Prioritisation Tool Champion by clicking on the link on the prioritisation tool login screen.

Using the tool

Check the Getting Started Guide for more information on using the EMS Prioritisation Tool.

Online training

An online training course is available at LearnOnline. If you click on Course Catalogue it appears under the category ‘Equipment and Modifications’.

EMS Assessors will use their assessor code as their username.

If you have any problems please contact

Please refer to the User Guide for more details.

Process to follow if you wish to have a group training session

  1. The facilitator collects the EMS Assessor Codes of those who attended the group training session.
  2. Following the training session the facilitator will email the EMS Assessor Codes to and the EMS Assessor’s training status will be updated in the Prioritisation Tool.

Service utilisation reports

These guides cover the how to access the service utilisation reports and what they are for.

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