DSS Pricing Programme

The Ministry of Health engaged KPMG in 2013 to develop nationally consistent prices for the following service funded by Disability Support Services:

  1. Community Residential Living
  2. Home and Community Support
  3. Respite
  4. Carer Support
  5. Child Development
  6. Assessment Treatment and Rehabilitation
  7. Supported Living.

After multiple meetings with key stakeholders, including service providers, disabled people using the services, family members and unions, the Ministry has:

  1. developed DSS Pricing Principles (docx, 32 KB)
  2. implemented new pricing models for Supported Living and Home and Community Support Services
  3. deferred implementation of the new Community Residential Living pricing model until further work has been done to standardise the ICARe assessment tool. It is planned that the new model will be ready to implement in late 2016
  4. postponed development of new pricing models for Child Development and Assessment Treatment and Rehabilitation services until stocktakes of current service delivery models have been completed
  5. continued to work on finalising the Respite and Carer Support pricing models.

Please contact Viv Ruth if you have any queries: Viv_Ruth@moh.govt.nz

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