Structure of Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services Group is part of Service Commissioning, Ministry of Health.

Disability Support Services is overseen by Toni Atkinson (Group Manager). Toni is responsible for overseeing all activity within DSS and the allocation of funding identified for disability support services from the Vote Health budget.

Disability Support Services teams

Community Living Team (Manager: Martin Cole). This team is responsible for managing contracts and service development for residential services, supported living, rehabilitation and high and complex services (in relation to the ID(CC&R) Act).

Family and Community Support Team (Manager: Amanda Bleckmann). This team is responsible for managing contracts and service development for home and community support services, respite services, carer support, child development services, behavioural support services, individualised funding, day services, foster care and the autism spectrum disorder development programme.

Service Access Team (Manager: Phil Wysocki). This team is responsible for managing contracts and service development for needs assessment & service coordination services, disability information & advisory services, Equipment and Modification Services and Hearing and Vision Services.

Information and Advice (Manager: Jeremy Kennerley). This team provides data analysis, financial advice and advisory support to the DSS team. It is made up of Senior Disability Advisors and includes management of the DSS client database (Socrates).

Disability Quality (Manager: Lara Penman). The Quality team within DSS is responsible for managing incidents and complaints about disability services and manages the programme of developmental evaluations for disability support providers. They also provide advice and support on quality improvement.

Disability Services IDCCR (Manager: Amanda Smith). Some disabled people are supported through the Intellectual Disability Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation Act. This team manages the support provided to people under the Act and provides oversight of the statutory functions that support the operational implementation of the Act.

Support from other teams

Disability Support Services is utilise expertise of other teams including:

Contract and Information Support (Manager: Mark Powell). The Contract and Information Support Group includes teams focused around: contract administration, information analysis and project management. The team provides direct support on contracting and data analysis to DSS.

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