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On 10 December 2021 the Hira programme team held webinars to provide stakeholders with an in-depth briefing of the programme, its timelines and deliverables, and what it will mean for consumers, delivery partners, and the health and disability sector.

The webinars are now available to view on demand at:

The webinar slides can also be downloaded:

Programme business case

The overarching programme business case for Hira was endorsed by Cabinet in April 2021. 

Detailed business cases

Each tranche of the Hira programme will be supported by a detailed business case. The detailed business case for tranche one will be available on this page once appropriate consultation has been carried out to identify whether any information needs to be withheld under the Official Information Act 1982.

Vendor updates

December 2021

We appreciate the New Zealand market is highly motivated to help us move forward with Hira.

Vendor responses to our request for information (RFI) were much appreciated and provided valuable insights, learnings and input which have informed the thinking and planning for Hira's next stages and helped define tranche one requirements.

The Ministry has now developed a commercial framework to ensure Hira procurements support innovation and value for money while providing a level playing field for all vendors. A draft accreditation and certification process to ensure participants have appropriate clearance and qualifications to access, consume and/or develop within the Hira suite has also been developed.

We expect to hold targeted workshops with health IT industry participants in about March 2022, to work through some technical aspects of Hira tranche one.

A procurement plan for the initial Hira releases will be confirmed in early 2022. Procurement opportunities will arise on an ongoing basis throughout the programme, which is expected to run until around the end of 2026.

Previous vendor updates

Vendor Workshops

Following on from the Hira webinars in December, the Hira programme will be holding a series of workshops this year.

Each will focus on a specific aspect of Hira, including certification and on boarding, the commercial model, the Hira marketplace, and the developer portal.

07 June – Health Information Model Workshop

The Health Information Model Workshop is available to view.

The workshop slides can also be downloaded:

07 April – Certification and Onboarding Workshop

The Certification and Onboarding Workshop is now available to view.

The workshop slides can also be downloaded: 

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