NZePS Update - December 2019

As of 1 December 2019, the NZePS was used by 29% of GP practices (293), up from 14% in Dec 2018 (137 practices).

In November 2019, prescribers generated 472,890 ePrescriptions compared to 222,726 in November 2018.

Also 189 practices have MoH approval to issue NZePS controlled drug barcoded prescriptions, up from 80 in November 2018.

Pharmacies processed 302,230 electronic prescriptions in November 2019 compared to 120,380 in November 2018.

The percentage of the total prescriber barcoded prescriptions issued in November 2019 that were scanned at pharmacy was 66%.

This compares to 53% in November 2018.

The Ministry of Health is working with early adopter GP practices and pharmacies to identify new requirements that will increase the value for NZePS for users.

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