Health ICT investment document library

This library has been established to promote sharing of ICT investment documents.

Many significant documents are created in the process of implementing health ICT solutions.

Sharing these valuable resources has many benefits for the health sector. It gives the opportunity to reduce duplication of time and effort; promote consistent investment approaches; enable sharing of expertise and learnings; improve change management approaches; support closer liaison between district health boards; enable timely and value adding conversations; and facilitate innovation.

Documents available in this library have been shared by district health boards and other organisations and include:

How do I access the documents?

Contact your Sector Portfolio Manager, or email the Ministry at to obtain documents and relevant contact details. 

Business Cases


Year Business Case Name DHB/Region
2019 Radiology Information System (RIS) Southern
2019 ICNet Lakes
2019 Midland Clinical Pathway & MDM Management Solution HealthShare
2019 ePharmacy Southern
2019 Radiology Acknowledgement System Lakes
2018 Radiology Information System (RIS) / Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) Taranaki
2018 Integrated Oncology Management System Capital & Coast
2018 Trendcare Counties Manukau
2018 HARP Seed Funding - PAS Auckland
2017 Point of Care Devices Counties Manukau
2017 3M Clinical Record System Upgrade Auckland
2017 ePharmacy Implementation Capital & Coast
2017 Outpatient Flow Waitemata
2017 Clinical Portal Health Share/Midland
2017 RIS and PACS Lakes
2016 Perioperative Clinical Information System Counties Manukau
2016 Cardiac Test Repository South Island Alliance
2016 Concerto - Joint Upgrade - CMDHB & WDHB Counties Manukau
2016 iPM Upgrade Waitemata
2015 Phase Two (2.3/2.4) Intra and Inter Referrals Auckland
2015 ePrescribing & Administration Auckland
2015 Nursing Observation Tool Canterbury
2015 eVitals - Patientrack Waitemata
2015 NZ Blood Service - eTraceline  
2015 Maternity Information System Upgrade Waikato
2015 Oral Health System Waikato
2015 HealthOne Regional Rollout South Island Alliance
2015 Regional Radiology Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) Auckland
2015 Regional PACS Upgrade Health Alliance/Northern Region
2014 ePrescribing & Administration Waitemata


Year Business Case Name DHB/Region
2019 Human Resource Information System Waikato
2019 Regional Service Provider Index extension South Island Alliance
2019 Trend AV and SMX Waikato
2019 DMZ, NetScaler and related Network HealthShare
2019 MRP Disaster Recovery Capability HealthShare
2019 Technical Enablers MCP HealthShare
2019 Midland Clinical Portal Transition HealthShare
2018 Nutrition and Food Management System Waikato
2018 Enterprise Asset Management Migration Auckland
2018 Windows 10 Upgrade Waikato
2018 Unified Communications Hawke's Bay
2018 APS Tracking System Auckland
2018 Leader Infrastructure Replacement Health Alliance/Northern Region
2018 Oracle Implementation Wairarapa
2018 Firewall Replacement  Taranaki
2017 SAP Business Objects Suite Upgrade Auckland
2017 Regional Tier 1 Storage Replacement Health Alliance/Northern Region
2017 Security Upgrade (Infrastructure) Health Alliance/Northern Region
2017 Accounts Payable Invoice Scanning Health Alliance/Northern Region
2017 Digital Hospital Operations Centre Mid Central
2017 iMPACT Patient Flow Tool Waikato
2017 Integration Engine Platform and Application Programming Interface (API) Health Alliance/Northern Region
2017 Foundation Project Midland
2017 Workforce Central (WFC) Workforce Management Version 8 Upgrade Health Alliance/Northern Region
2016 Email Archive Replacement Health Alliance/Northern Region
2016 Citrix Upgrade Health Alliance/Northern Region
2016 Internet Explorer - Regional Upgrade Health Alliance/Northern Region
2016 SharePoint Infrastructure Health Alliance/Northern Region
2016 Data Discovery Business Intelligence Tool Waitemata
2016 Speech Driven Best Data Capture Waitemata
2015 Quality & Risk Midland
2015 Central Sterile Supplies Department Auckland
2015 Mobile Device Management Platform Health Alliance/Northern Region

Project Implementation Reviews

Radiology Information System (RIS) / Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) Lakes
iMPACT Waikato
Regional Clinical Workstation HealthShare
WMDHB and CMDHB Concerto upgrade hA
healthAlliance AP Invoice scanning hA
Northern Region Internet Explorer Upgrade hA
ADHB- WDHB Workforce Central V8 Upgrade ADHB
healthAlliance Hub Room hA
ADHB Business Objects Upgrade ADHB
WDHB's Speech Driven Best Data Capture - Winscribe WmDHB
ADHB- WDHB Workforce Central V8 Upgrade ADHB
healthAlliance Hub Room hA
CSSD-T Doc upgrade ADHB
hA mobility management platform hA
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