Getting started – business case approval process

When an agency is planning a business case, or undertaking the first draft, following these steps will make the approval process quicker and easier for both the agency concerned and the Ministry team responsible for the formal approval process.

  • Send the Digital Portfolio team details of your investment before you start developing your business case – no matter what its value. We can talk to you about other local, regional and national projects that may impact on your project.
  • Complete a Risk Profile Assessment (RPA), available on the Treasury website. The RPA is a tool that calculates the inherent risk of a project or programme based on answers to a multi-choice questions. For large complex projects Treasury will want to see the RPA. For smaller projects please share the RPA with the Digital Portfolio team.
  • Following advice from the Digital Portfolio team, submit your business case.

Review process

The following steps set out the overall lifecycle review process for working with the Ministry and, if appropriate, central agencies:

  1. Early notification – letting us know of intent to undertake new investment/project
  2. Early engagement – project teams have an opportunity to receive early feedback and guidance on their business case
  3. Review and feedback – this can be carried out on either a draft or the final version of the business case
  4. Response to feedback - project team responds to the feedback
  5. Approval consideration by the relevant approval authority (Director-General of Health, the Minister of Health, or Joint Ministers of Health and Finance)
  6. Ongoing quarterly reporting through the life of the project
  7. Post-project review – collation of post project reviews to share lessons learnt across the sector
  8. Benefits realisation – review and realisation of stated benefits relating to the investment.
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