Approval process and timeframes – business case approval process

While approval times vary, it takes an average of three months to go through the approval process. It is expected that the DHBs will go through local/regional approval processes prior to national approval and endorsement.

Quarterly reporting

All approved ICT investments will be required to provide quarterly reporting as part of the conditions of endorsement. The Ministry is focused on capability improvement in IT delivery across the sector. Understanding project performance will inform future investment decisions and share lessons learnt to enable efficiency across the sector.

How we can help 

We can:

  • assist with scheduling national endorsement and approval
  • advise you on what information we will be looking for in your business case
  • help link you to information and resources and share best practice
  • coordinate the formal review and provide consolidated feedback
  • write supporting documentation for endorsement and approval steps
  • be a key contact throughout the process, and keep in touch with you at every stage.

For further information about developing a business case contact [email protected] 

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