Digital health Yammer channels

The Ministry of Health have several digital health Yammer groups to which anyone is welcome to join. These groups are a place for people to discuss areas of interest with others from across the health system.

The following Yammer groups are available to join:

Emerging Health Technologies

This is a growing network of people who have an interest in several emerging technologies. We share research articles, health tech events, examples of innovative approaches from overseas etc.  The group also discuss methodologies and frameworks around how we introduce such technologies into the NZ health system.

Health Data NZ

A network for health data and data governance discussions. A meeting place to discuss and influence the strategic direction for health data in New Zealand. Collaboration on Yammer, monthly video conferencing on Zoom, face-to-face meetings from time to time often associated with digital health events.

Health Information Standards Yammer network

This lively network of several hundred users has a range of open groups for collaborating in the development and adoption of standards for the digital health ecosystem. Newcomers are welcome.

Health Sector Architecture

The Health Sector Architecture network is a place to collaborate on the development of just that - enterprise and solution architecture in the health and disability sector. This is the place to discuss information strategy, architecture and standards in a collegial spirit with Health Sector Architects Group members around the country.

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