Patient Portal enables health information access from overseas

Michael Dunn travels a lot so being able to access his health information via a patient portal, makes all the difference to managing his health care while he is away from home.

As an economic and financial consultant who frequently travels to remote regions of the world for work, Wellingtonian Michael Dunn finds it invaluable to have online access to his medical information.

‘The portal has given me confidence that when I’m far from home and can’t see my doctor, I have a record of my health events that tells me what’s worked well for me in the past,’ he says.

Michael, who signed up for a patient portal in 2008, has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

‘I use my portal to monitor my health by checking lab test results, looking back at my medical notes, and consulting my list of medications when I’m in countries where medicines are usually bought over the counter without a prescription,’ he says.

‘The portal has been especially useful when I’ve been told I won’t be given a visa renewal unless I can supply evidence of my immunisations.’

Michael has found it particularly useful that his GP often includes a note when posting test results online – ‘This is normal’, for example, or ‘Let’s retest in a year’.

He says having a patient portal has made him more aware of his health status. ‘I feel much more educated about my health and potential risks now.’

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