SNOMED CT terminology service

Clinical information systems and consumer health platforms can be integrated with our new online terminology service to use SNOMED CT

Our new SNOMED CT terminology service is part of the New Zealand Health Terminology Service we are building. We provide the terminology service as a free public good to New Zealand health providers and their industry partners for development and production use in clinical information systems and consumer health platforms.

Under our interoperability roadmap, we will also be introducing terminology services for the New Zealand Pathology Observation Code Sets (NZPOCS) and our other standard code sets.  

The service is available on the internet via a standard FHIR(R) application programming interface (API) at

The NZ Formulary team is building a FHIR API for access to the NZ Universal List of Medicines and NZ Formulary content.

Using the terminology service

SNOMED International's Snowstorm terminology server is the software used. See the Snowstorm GitHub repository for instructions on using the API.

Here are some examples of its use.

Look up a clinical finding concept$lookup?system=
Look up a procedure concept$lookup?system=
Lookup of medicinal product, including some properties$lookup?system=
Check if one concept subsumes another$subsumes?system=
Check if one concept is subsumed by another$subsumes?system=
Expand an intensionally defined value set using expression constraint language (ECL)$expand?url=<<27624003&count=20

Respiratory disorders due to allergic reaction caused by pollen (ECL)$expand?url=< 50043002 |Disorder of respiratory system (disorder)| : << 42752001 |Due to (attribute)| = << 418364006 |Allergic reaction caused by pollen (disorder)|

Medicinal products containing caffeine$expand?url=< 763158003 |Medicinal product (product)| : << 127489000 |Has active ingredient (attribute)| = << 255641001 |Caffeine (substance)|

Expand an intensionally defined value set using the is-a relationship$expand?url=
Filter an ECL value set on a clinical term$expand?url=<< 763158003&filter=aspirin

Validate a code against an implicit value set, also checking the display term$validate-code?url=<< 34014006&code=840539006&display=COVID-19
List all SNOMED concepts mapped to ICD-O$expand?url=^446608001&count=20
List all New Zealand simple reference sets< 50501000210100
List the emergency department chief presenting complaint refset$expand?url=

List the emergency department diagnosis refset$expand?url=
List the emergency department procedure refset$expand?url=
List the smoking status refset$expand?url=
List the smoking intervention refset$expand?url=
List the vaping status refset$expand?url=

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