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The public comment process allows you to have your say on the text of new health information standards. The draft standards currently available for public comment are posted here.

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Currently open

HISO 10038.4 Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting Data – Draft for public comment

Cancer multidisciplinary meetings (MDMs) have been identified as an activity that produces a rich source of significant clinical information and a starting point for improving the collection of cancer information to support the delivery of care across the cancer pathway. 

The HISO 10038.4 Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting Data Standard defines the nationally agreed minimum patient and cancer data to be collected in a consistent manner wherever it is collected and stored as part of the multidisciplinary meeting process. Data items were selected primarily for their relevance in facilitating discussion and decision-making within the MDMs and supporting MDM service delivery. 

Please visit the Ministry of Health’s Consultation Hub to review the draft standard.

Recently closed

HISO 10050.2:2019 Maternity Care Summary Standard – Draft for public comment

To provide high quality maternity care in New Zealand we need to underpin maternity practice with information that supports the care of women, babies and their family/whānau, continuity of care, best practice, and analytics.

The HISO 10050.2:2019 Maternity Care Summary Standard is designed to ensure that information related to maternity care is consistently recorded. Standardised data will enable services to be meaningfully benchmarked against each other. A meaningful data set reflecting maternity information and services can be shared between community and hospital providers to support continuity of care.

Please visit the Consultation Hub to review the draft standard.

Bowel Screening Histology Data Standard

Public comment on the Draft Bowel Screening Histology Data Standard closed on 29 March 2019.

The National Bowel Screening Programme is a free programme for men and women aged 60–74 years eligible for publically funded health care. The primary objective of bowel screening is to reduce the mortality rate by diagnosing and treating bowel cancer at an earlier more treatable stage. A new system, called the National Screening Solution, is in development and will receive National Bowel Screening Programme data from service providers.

This draft standard is a data set specification for histology reportssent to the National Screening Solution from contracted laboratories.

Thank you to everyone submitting comments. The specification will be updated with any changes and published once our evaluation panel has considered the feedback.

SNOMED subsets for National Patient Flow

SNOMED subsets for National Patient Flow: General paediatrics and child developmental services subsets closed for comment 3 August 2018.

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