Connected Health certified products

The table below shows certified networking products and those pending certification.

Product Name Provider Standard(s)* certified against
Certified products
SecurIT SSL VPN HealthLink UNI-0
SecurIT HealthLink UNI-1
SecureMe Spark Digital UNI-1
HealthBridge 2degrees UNI-4 and UNI-5
Health Connect ACS Data UNI-4 and UNI-5
CCL HealthNet CCL UNI-4 and UNI-5
SecureWan Kordia UNI-4 and UNI-5
HealthZone Spark Digital UNI-4 and UNI-5
Vivid Health Direct Vivid Networks UNI-4 and UNI-5
InterHealth Vocus Communications UNI-4 and UNI-5

* Connected Health Network Connectivity Standards

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