Architecture and standards working groups

Health Sector Architects Group and Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) joint technical working groups are underway to update and develop the reference architectures and information standards that enable a digital health ecosystem.

Outputs for comment

Architecture and standards working groups have produced outputs that are open for feedback and comment:

Besides feedback on the detail contained in each of these documents, views are sought on the principles and broad themes that are emerging.

Across the three groups there is a clear emphasis on opening up the environment, moving from closed networks to secure communication over the Internet, using the cloud, replacing proprietary and outdated methods of integration with open APIs, and a general emphasis on international standards and Internet-friendly protocols. Views are also welcomed on standards adoption, conformance testing and certification.

Why this work is needed

We are in the age of the online citizen: that applies to health, too. Patient empowerment through the internet and connected health digital-wearables put patients at centre of health care. The Digital Health Strategic Framework places emphasis on:

  • enabling patients to be an active participant in their use of health services
  • the management of their health data and
  • the collection/sharing of health data and insights.

It's therefore important that health information standards remain relevant and supportive of the Digital Health Strategic Framework, and provider and consumer expectations.

We have formed the following groups:

  • Connected Health Working Group
  • Interoperability Working Group
  • Digital Identity Working Group.

Each group comprises a core team responsible for producing the outputs, and a wider review group of subject matter experts.

The problem statement and terms of reference for each group are set out here:

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