Digital Health 2020

Digital Health 2020 has been established to progress the core digital technologies presented in the New Zealand Health Strategy. It guides the strategic digital investments that are expected to occur across the health and disability sector in the next five years, 2016–2020.

It will also align sector investment with value delivery and encourage health organisations to invest with greater clarity and confidence.

It has five core components:

  • an electronic health record for New Zealanders - a single longitudinal view of health information accessible to consumers, carers and decision-makers. 
  • health and wellness dataset - access to health data to support government, health organisations and individuals to make evidence-based decisions aligned to the Government's social investment approach
  • a preventative health IT capability - information and enabling ICT capability to support and improve the targeting of screening, immunisation and other public health initiatives
  • digital hospitals - to lift the digital capability within hospitals and the integration with the wider sector
  • regional IT foundations - eHealth foundations that support regional access to health information, delivery of the single electronic health record and lifting digital capability within hospitals.

Diagram illustrating the structure of the health and disability sector in more detail.

In this section

  • The Ministry of Health is developing a Digital Health Strategic Framework to guide the use of digital technologies and data to support a strong and equitable public health and disability system. Read more
  • In a digital hospital, processes are streamlined to create paperless automated digital workflows Read more
  • This report provides a snapshot of DHB core digital services. The report is compiled from information provided by health sector stakeholders Read more
  • The New Zealand Health Strategy highlights the importance of digital solutions to support better health care for all. Read more
  • The Ministry is taking steps to increase the value of data and information assets for health and social investments, including national collections, and to improve information governance to support Read more
  • Digital maturity assessments Read more
  • The monthly reports provide updates on key digital health initiatives. The reports are compiled from information provided by Ministry business units and health sector stakeholders.  Read more
  • Digital Health 2020 also has a focus on IT systems that support population health programmes such as screening, immunisation and B4 School Checks Read more
  • Each region through their regional service plans is investing in its IT foundations to support regional access to health information, delivery of the single electronic health record and lifting dig Read more
  • Health services are also being transformed by emerging technologies, changing what, how, where and when services are provided, as well as who provides them. Find out more about the Ministry's vision for health technology. Read more
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