Border health

This section contains information about border health protection measures and controls in New Zealand.

The requirements focus on preventing, detecting, assessing, controlling, and responding to public health risks at the border. The aim is to prevent harm to human health, including the health and wellbeing of international travellers, aircraft and ship crew, and the general public.

Additionally, we ensure global border health responsibilities are being met. The Ministry of Health works closely with border agencies and stakeholders to implement the measures and controls –including agencies with border security, customs, biosecurity, maritime and aviation transport, animal health, policing, and immigration responsibilities.

Public health units are responsible for the operational delivery of border health controls. Queries should be directed in the first instance to your local public health unit.


New Zealand has implemented a range of controls (including at the border) in response to COVID-19. Information for travellers and the border sector about such COVID-19 border measures and controls, including legislation, can be found here:

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