Past surveys

Information about past surveys conducted by the Ministry of Health.

In this section

  • The Alcohol and Drug Use Survey, run in 2007/08 measured self-reported alcohol and drug use in the New Zealand adult population. The survey results will be used to develop, inform and evaluate policy about alcohol and other drug use in New Zealand. Read more
  • The Ministry of Health runs national nutrition surveys for adults and children, to collect information on the food and nutrient intake of New Zealanders. Read more
  • The Oral Health Survey collects detailed information on the oral health status, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and practices of both children and adults in New Zealand. Read more
  • Te Rau Hinengaro, the New Zealand Mental Health Survey, collects information on the prevalence, severity, impairment and treatment of major mental health disorders. Read more
  • The New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey is a national tobacco use survey, which was run in 2006, 2008 and 2009. Monitoring behaviours relating to tobacco use in New Zealand is vital for the development and evaluation of effective tobacco control policies, programmes and services. Read more
  • Other surveys carried out by the Ministry of Health, but not included in the New Zealand Health Monitor programme of surveys. Includes the Connected Health ICT Research survey, the National Childhood Immunisation Coverage Survey, the Prisoner Health Survey the Selected Profession Workforce Survey, and the National Survey of Children and Young People's Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviours. Read more
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