NCAMP 2022 implementation

Answers to implementation questions that are asked about the National Collections Annual Maintenance Project.

Compliance testing for NCAMP 2022

There will be no formal scripted compliance for NCAMP 2022 however, all first production files will be processed through compliance first. Some file submitters have raised the question of how to submit their first production file post NCAMP 22 implementation. It would be appreciated if submitters could place their first production files as notated below:

NMDS: Placed in the usual folder with TEST in the file header
NBRS: Placed in the usual folder with CMPL in the file header
NNPAC: Placed in the nnpac/COMPLIANCE folder
NPF: Placed in the NPF CMPL Dropoff folder with CMPL in the batch name

Could you please contact us when you are implementing your NCAMP system changes in order for us to work together to ensure a smooth transition via [email protected]

PRIMHD FWI indicator

Please continue to implement the FWI indicator and start using this when you have implemented it prior to the new mandatory date of 1 July 2023.

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