NCAMP 2020 questions and answers

Please refer to this section for a COVID-19 statement re NCAMP 2020.

In response to the present COVID-19 situation it is considered essential that the required effort for ITC services within the Health Sector in supporting the clinical departments be maximised.

Therefore the expectation for DHBs to meet the requirements of NCAMP 2020 can be suspended with the exception of "cn_2020_NCAMP_PRIMHD_ Amend Code End Dates v2.0" for those systems that have end dates of 30/06/2020 for the PRIMHD code sets. This change is required to prevent rejection of PRIMHD Mental Health events with a date on or after 1 July 2020.

Please note that the new NHI number format and ethnicity protocols advisory notices have a final implementation date of 2022 so therefore were not mandatory for NCAMP 2020.

With regard to the NHI number format changes. The pre-production and production NHI systems will be upgraded to accommodate the new format in 2020. The new format will not be issued by the production NHI system until the existing format is exhausted. This is not forecast to occur until 2025.

It is recommended that systems which use the NHI are changed to accommodate the new format by 1 July 2022 to allow a comfortable lead time before the first numbers are issued in the new format.

Test NHIs will be made available in the pre-production compliance test environment by June 2020.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

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