NCAMP 2019 questions and answers

Answers to questions that are asked about the National Collections Annual Maintenance Project.

Q. What SNOMED code is required to be submitted to NNPAC?
The required code is the "Concept ID"

Q. What is the ICD-10-AM Clinical Coding System ID?

Q. is a File Version change required for the NMDS Extract from 1 July 2019?

Q. As examples, how would MoH validation work in the following circumstances:

  • Do all ED data lines (Event Type = ED) require an associated Presenting Complaint (PC) Event type to exist?
    A. Yes. All events where the RECORD_TYPE is EVENT and the EVENT_TYPE is ED  require a RECORD_TYPE of EVENT_ITEM and EVENT_TYPE PC
  • Can event_item records be submitted by themselves in future batch files without the ED event record if the code value changes?  
    A. No. The EVENT_ITEM records are linked to the parent EVENT_TYPE ED
  • If the event_item type records are in the same batch file as the ED event record, is there a requirement for them to be ordered so the event record comes before the event_item record?
    A. No. the EVENT record and EVENT_ITEM records can be in any order
  • If other items in the ED event record change, generating an update, does the event_item record also need to be submitted again, even if it hasn’t changed?
    Yes. An update is in reality a delete and reinsert so all components of the record must be present (deleting the ED EVENT record automatically deletes all the child records)
  • We can’t see any info on this in the specification – can you give us some details on how this will work in terms of MoH validation?
    A. Can I refer you to 10.3.3 of the NNPAC file specification. The last 27 validations relate to SNOMED which hopefully will provide the information you require. By default, if a validation is not present then the scenario is valid.

Q. Will there be formal scripted compliance for NCAMP 2019?
There will be no formal scripted compliance for NCAMP 2019 however all first production files will be processed through compliance first. Some file submitters have raised the question of how to submit their first production file post NCAMP 19 implementation. It would be appreciated if submitters could place their first production files as notated below:
NMDS: Placed in usual folder with TEST in the file header
NBRS: Placed in usual folder with CMPL in the file header
NNPAC: Placed in the nnpac/COMPLIANCE folder
PRIMHD: Same location as PROD, but prefix file with 'COMP_' (eg
NPF: Placed in the NPF/COMPLIANCE folder with 'CMPL' in the file header.


We appreciate this may be difficult for some organisations and they should contact Data Management Services in the normal manner at [email protected] or [email protected] to seek further direction.

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