NCAMP 2015 questions and answers

Answers to questions that are asked about the National Collections Annual Maintenance Project.

Q. Will there be formal scripted compliance for NCAMP 2015.

A. There will be no formal scripted compliance for NCAMP 2015 however all first production files will be processed through compliance first. Some NMDS submitters have raised the question of how to submit their first production file post NCAMP 15 implementation. It would be appreciated if submitters could place their first production files as notated below:

NMDS: Placed in usual folder with TEST in the file header

NBRS: Placed in usual folder with CMPL in the file header

NNPAC: Placed in the nnpac/COMPLIANCE folder

PRIMHD: Same location as PROD, but prefix file with 'COMP_' (eg

We appreciate this may be difficult for some organisations and they should contact Data Management Services in the normal manner to seek further direction.

Q. What is happening with the TZ Legal Code

A. The TZ legal code has been withdrawn after extensive Sector consultation and is no longer required to be implemented in PRIMHD or NMDS.

Q. Are the new NMDS Occupation Codes mandatory

A: It is not mandatory to report the occupation codes in NMDS. However, if they are reported, they must be the new 6-character codes from the ANZSCO v1.2 list.

The free text field is available for use to record the occupation in place of using the ANZSCO code set

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